The apostle Paul told Timothy to ‘pass on the baton’ of the gospel – it was to be entrusted to reliable people who were qualified to teach others (2 Timothy 2:2)

Training for East Anglia Ministry (TEAM) exists to help train people to do this, whether teaching from the pulpit, in a small group or children’s youth group, or in a more informal setting. 

We want tens of thousands of men, women and children across East Anglia to hear and receive the good news of Jesus and discover eternal life.  We long to see healthy local churches throughout East Anglia: congregations where God’s living word is taught and proclaimed, and where people trust and treasure Christ, serve God single-mindedly, and turn outwards in love with the message of the gospel.

We know how God works in power: by his Holy Spirit through his living and active word – taught faithfully, passionately and clearly.  That’s why TEAM exists.

TEAM training.

TEAM focuses on helping people understand, apply and teach the Bible – be it in an up-front, small group or one-to-one setting.

The TEAM course is taught through a mix of lectures, discussions and small group work. We aim that all our content will stretch minds and also have a practical focus.  TEAM includes a Bible overview, teaching on Bible handling skills and on core doctrine.  

TEAM students also spend time looking at a broad spectrum of Christian ministry areas, including counselling, evangelism, mission and youth work. 

TEAM runs on Wednesdays,

10am – 4pm

for three ten-week terms between September and July at Eden Baptist Church in Cambridge.