Course Content

1. Bible overview

Tracing through the Bible’s unfolding storyline, which finds its climax in Jesus Christ, this detailed Bible overview shows how Genesis to Revelation fits together, and enables us to interpret individual passages within their biblical context.
2. Bible handling skills
Through lectures on how to understand, apply and teach the Bible generally, and a series of lectures on how to understand and teach a number of different types of Biblical literature, students are given the tools to handle the Bible well.
3. Core Doctrines

Exploring key doctrines of the Christian faith – such as the person and work of Christ, salvation, the church and eschatology – gives us greater confidence in the truth of what we believe.

4. Practical ministry

Pastoral and practical ministry sessions help equip us for real-life ministry. We consider pastoral counselling, sexual ethics, evangelism, and think through ministry to children and youth, the elderly and overseas students.

5. Hands on practice

The last session most weeks is in small groups. Here, in a supportive group, students get a chance to put into practice what they have been learning in understanding the Bible, applying the Bible, leading a Bible study and giving a short Bible talk. One or two students will prepare to present each week, and then the small group and an experienced Bible teacher provide encouragement and help to sharpen up these skills.